Tumor and Leukemia treatment

Tumor and Leukemia treatment

Unique in the world, from our own organic production and multiple blends of medicinal herbs – we processed everything in juices, capsules and teas, with which we can in high percentage help with all types of tumors at all stages, even with metastases on the lungs, breasts, liver , pancreas, prostate, kidneys, digestive tract and urinary tract, in the head and in most other places, and especially in leukemia – we may say to a lot of people that they do not need to be afraid, that there is hope to avoid surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and other aggressive therapies and medications.

This salvation for many is our organic blend of BITTER MELON (Momordica charantia) + 5 HERBS, that need to be taken 3 to 4 times a day, 2 to 4 capsules, and for keeping low sugar even more.

The second salvation is an ecological mixture of SWEET WORMWOOD (Artemisia annua) + 4 HERBS, that need to be taken after meals, 3 to 4 times a day, 2 to 4 capsules, and because of the severity of the problem, more can be consumed.

After 1 to 2 months, the progression of the disease stops and starts measurably reducing the cause of the disease, immunity begins to grow strongly, thereby recovering the whole organism, returning to a healthy state as before the disease, all without pain and without side effects.

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Diabetes treatment

Diabetes treatment

We are happy to announce that DIABETES is no longer an incurable disease and that in most cases we can help with our own cultivated, organic mix of 5 medicinal herbs, which are filled in capsules and which can maintain the daily sugar level in a natural way without side effects and after a week, reduce the sugar level and generally reject various synthetic drugs, and possibly insulin.

Our combination of 5 herbs in addition to diabetes works on the digestive and urinary tract, cancers, reduces fat, normalizes the bloodstream and strengthens immunity.

It is best to measure glucose in the blood, take three main meals per day and before sleep take 2 to 4 capsules, it can also be increased until the sugar is lowered to normal limits.

The worth of it is invaluable because it also works as a preventive measure, and thus prevents the incurrence of diabetes, as well as most other diseases.

In children, the dose is reduced by at least half, with regular blood glucose control.

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Bitter Melon Juice (Karela)

Bitter Melon Juice (Karela)

All types of diabetes can be treated with BITTER MELON (Momordica charantia), and type 2 can be cured, as BITTER MELON rejuvenates the pancreas and can maintain the daily desired sugar level in a completely natural way, with no side effects and without any syntethic remedies.
It also works preventively and thus prevents the onset of diabetes, as well as most other diseases.

The dose is determined by measuring the sugar in blood so that the BITTER MELON is taken 4 times a day (with a meal, with 3 main courses and before sleeping), 50 to 200 ml of juice, until sugar does not get in the normal range, so that all synthetic drugs and insulin can be gradually discarded.
In children, the dose is reduced to at least half.

The bitter melon is produced in a controlled and organic environment on our own property in Habijanovac (Croatia) and great care is taken to preserve the maximum healing powers of the plant and the untouched nature.

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Bitter Melon and Nettle

Bitter Melon and Nettle

The combination of BITTER MELON (MOMORDICA CHARANTIA) and NETTLE (URTICA DIOICA) enhances the beneficial effect on the urinary tract, prostate problems, cleans blood and fatty liver, acts as a diuretic for various types of bacterial infections and inflammation, menstrual and premenstrual disorders, and also acts on hemorrhoids, gout and various types of allergies.

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About Us


Organic- ecological manufacturing from seeds and fruits to healthy juices, capsules and teas

The health benefits of bitter melon have been proven for thousands of years by the inhabitants of the tropics and subtropics, especially the Indian region. India is recognised as the birth place of the bitter melon, where it is used for the treatment of severe ailments such as cancers, diabetes, problems of the digestive and urinary tracts as well as a general booster for the immune system.

A successful treatment and often a complete recovery can be achieved when combining bitter melon with additional herbs, vegetables and fruits, especially grapes.Bitter melon is especially effective to support the circulation, heart, help cope with stress and various autoimmune diseases. It is rich in antioxidants which guard our bodies and cells from free radicals, and protect the skin from infections and acne as well as slow down the ageing process.

We are convinced that the power of nature is a reasonable, promising and pioneering avenue to heal sicknesses and to do so without side effects! Many people can be saved and their life quality improved thorough the healing power of plants.

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