Bitter Melon and Nettle

Bitter Melon and Nettle

The combination of BITTER MELON (MOMORDICA CHARANTIA) and NETTLE (URTICA DIOICA) enhances the beneficial effect on the urinary tract, prostate problems, cleans blood and fatty liver, acts as a diuretic for various types of bacterial infections and inflammation, menstrual and premenstrual disorders, and also acts on hemorrhoids, gout and various types of allergies.

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Bitter Melon Capsules and Grape Seeds

Bitter Melon Capsules and Grape Seeds

From our own organically grown BITTER MELON (MOMORDICA CHARANTIA) and BLACK GRAPES (VITIS VINIFERA), we have dried all the health values ​​that are scientifically proven to help with allergies, vascular, digestive and urinary tract diseases, and various autoimmune diseases, inflammatory conditions and are good for strengthening immunity, all without pain and side effects.

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