Bitter Melon Juice (Karela)

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Bitter Melon (momordica charantia) supports the fight and healing of diabetes and a number of cancers (by fighting the cause of the cancer), strengthens the immune system and supports the digestive system and the urinary tract as well as other inner organs. Bitter melon supports the function of the thyroid, and all without any side effects. All this is confirmed for many years by the inhabitants of tropical and subtropical regions and this is why it is called the ‘fruit of longevity’. In it’s country of origin, India, the bitter melon is used for centuries to stabilise blood sugar levels. For long time it is known there that the bitter melon is powerfully and effectively strengthening the immune system and that it contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It destroys parasites and bacteria and eliminates viruses from the body, so that the body can effectively fight against colds and flues, as well as respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, allergies and inflammations. Perhaps the greatest discovery is that bitter melon juice can destroy cancer cells, as it withdraws sugar from these cells, which acts as their main food source and this way causes an apoptosis (a form of programmed cell death, which can be initiated from inside or outside). In addition it activates the enzyme AMPK which further disturbs the metabolism of glucose and this way starves the cancer cells by not supplying them with sugar. The newest investigations show that bitter melon can heal and help stop the spread of leukaemia and neuroblastomas as well as neuroendocrine cancers. The bitter melon is produced in a controlled and organic environment on our own property in Habijanovac (Croatia) and great care is taken to preserve the maximum healing powers of the plant and the untouched nature.

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